Adjusta Flex 6000

 Sleeping on an Adjustable Bed May Provide Relief from the Following and Bed Options:

● Lower back pain

● Poor Local Blood Circulation of the Legs

● Edema or Swelling of the Leg

● Minor Aches & Pains due to Muscular Fatigue or Overexertion

● Nighttime Heartburn

● Simple Tension

● Symptoms of Hiatus Hernia

● Symptoms of Gastric Reflux

● The massage feature provides temporary relief of muscle pain associated with stress and tension

● Sleeping in an upright position may reduce light and occasional snoring


Bed Options

● 20 Year Limited Warranty -1 year full, 2 parts + 17 Limited

● Fits Inside a Traditional Bed Frame

● 15'' Base Is Compatible with Conventional Bedding

● Exclusive Armor Shield Plating Prevents Rusting

● Quiet, Powerful, Maintenance Free Motor

● Massage Features: Dual full-body massage with 10, 20 and 30 minute timer

● Carriage, Zero Clearence Design

● Wall Hugger Design ● Sturdy Steel Frame

● Pre-Programmed Zero Gravity Button Puts You in a Simulated Weightlessness State for Total Relaxation

● One Touch Flat Button● Head and Foot Adjustability

● Wireless Hand Controls Are Convenient and Easy to Use



Additional Info

  • -: Split King $1549
  • -: Queen One Piece $799
  • -: Twin XL $779


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