Bittersweet Headboard Set

With beautiful country design of the "Bittersweet" bedroom collection come to life with the rustic flowing details and warm inviting finishes to create the ultimate in relaxing bedroom decor. With the replicated pine grain covering the raised panel details perfectly complemented by the antique color hardware with brass color highlights, this collection truly captures the essence of Early American country design. The decorative scrolling vine accents perfectly complete the overall atmosphere of this country furniture. Create a relaxing rustic getaway in your home with the beautiful country style of the "Bittersweet" bedroom collection.

Item Description Dimension  
B219-31 Dresser 62.60” W x 15.63” D x 34.17” H $210
B219-36 Bedroom Mirror 36.22” W x 2.13” D x 46.85” H $96
B219-39 Media Chest 38.15” W x 19.76” D x 40.04” H $227
B219-46 Five Drawer Chest 34.17” W x 15.63” D x 54.09” H $208
B219-50 Under Bed Storage 77.83” W x 17.99” D x 11.73” H $122
B219-92 Two Drawer Night Stand 25.12” W x 15.63” D x 24.47” H $114
B219-55-51-98 Queen Panel Bed   $237
B219-55 Queen/Full Panel Headboard 66.30” W x 2.99” D x 52.83” H $93
B219-63-65-86 Queen Sleigh Bed   $278
B219-65 Queen Sleigh Headboard 62.68” W x 8.70” D x 53.78” H $114
B219-71-77-74-96 Queen Post Bed   $377
B219-76-78-97 King Sleigh Bed 79.17” W x 6.89” D x 33.27” H $360
B219-78 King Sleigh Headboard 79.17” W x 8.70” D x 53.78” H $144
B219-84-87-99-71 King Post Bed 88.74” W x 6.34” D x 35.04” H $476
B219-31-36-55-51-98 Queen Panel Bed Dr Mr   $543
B219-31-36-63-65-86 Queen Sleigh Bed Dr Mr   $583
B219-31-36-71-77-74-96 Queen Post Bed Dr Mr   $682
B219-31-36-76-78-97 King Sleigh Bed Dr Mr   $666
B219-31-36-84-87-99-71 King Post Bed Dr Mr   $766

Additional Info

  • Displayed In: St Peters, Fairview Heights, Fenton
SKU: B219-55-31-36


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